cesutherland . com


My name is Carl Sutherland and this is my personal website. When I have the time I blog, and when I don't have the time to blog I take pictures.

I am a professional software developer currently based in Philadelphia, PA, specializing in rich web applications to solve interesting problems. In 2009 I graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from The Pennsylvania State University. My senior year I began doing freelance work and since graduating have started my own company, Humble Software Development.

My web development background extends spans five years and I am an expert with PHP and JavaScript in particular. I have also had a fair ammount of experience with C++ and Java, particularly in developing computer models of mathematical problems - looking at you Finite Fields! Lately, Canvas has me totally stoked and I hope to create a few Canavs powerd projects over the coming months.

Outside of work, I spend my time traveling, reading, running, and gaming. I love to travel (I've had 5 addresses in the past year!) and when I travel I like to take photos. Reading has never been something I've been very good at - I read very slowly - but I enjoy it. When I read, I try to read books by authors from a country from which I have never before read a book. Some day I hope to start a project to showcase fantastic literature from around the globe. Running and gaming takes me places and I hope that they always will.